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NMSU ACES Weclome Home, Aggies Street Festival - September 2017

WSM students participated in the NMSU ACES street festival to help welcome students back to campus for fall semester.

WSM students are encouraged to present posters at conferences

Yining Bai, a WSM PhD student, presented her research during the poster session at the 62nd Annual New Mexico Water Conference in Socorro, New Mexico on August 16, 2017.

WSM faculty and students

Dr. Frank Ward standing with two WSM PhD students at the fall 2017 semester kickoff event

Fall 2017 semester kickoff event

WSM students and faculty came together to kick off the fall 2017 semester.

Water Science & Management Graduate Program and NM Water Resources Research Institute Retreat

The WSM Program and NM WRRI held a retreat in Mescalero, NM on April 2016. The groups discussed organizational goals, assessment of research and programs, and worked to build camaraderie.

Fall 2016 Meet & Greet Mixer

The Water Science & Management Program held its annual Fall "Meet & Greet Mixer" at the Stan Fulton Center's 3rd Floor Bistro. The event welcomed students and facutly back to campus, and introduced new students to the program.

The NMSU Watershed Group and the Water Science & Management Graduate Student Organization

Members of the Watershed Management Group and the Water Science & Management Graduate Student Organization held one of its fall 2016 semester meetings at Knox Hall in the College of ACES.

NMSU Water Science & Management Students

WSM students attended the annual graduation reception and program spring meeting at the Corbett Center Student Union on April 28, 2016.


WSM students attended the FFA BBQ Fest on April 8, 2016 to assist with outreach and games for hundreds of prospective NMSU students. The event was sponsored by the NMSU College of Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences.

Stucky Hall - Home to the Water Science & Management Graduate Program

The WSM program is housed in Stucky Hall. Stucky Hall is also home to the New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute (NM WRRI).

Ag day at NMSU

WSM students volunteered at NMSU's Ag day.

2015 WaterSmart Innovations Conference in Las Vegas, NV

Water Science & Management PhD graduate, Dina Salman (Iraq), presented a poster on her research on food security in Afghanistan.

2015 Agriculture Day at New Mexico State University

WSM students participated in Agriculture Day sponsored by the NMDA and NMSU. The WSM Graduate Student Organization represented their research, handed out candy, and hung out with Pistol Pete.

Organ Mountains

The Organ Mountains lend their unique type of beauty to the Las Cruces area.

Agricultural Water Resources  

Agricultural Water Resources relates to the major use of ground and surface water in providing safe and secure food systems while ensuring ecosystem services. This field of study includes water allocation, water conservation, and water management issues facing urban water supply and irrigated agriculture.         

Classes and Credits Offered

A EN 459 Design of Water Wells/Pumping Systems (3)

A EN 475 Soil and Water Conservation (3)

A EN 478 Irrigation and Drainage Engineering (3)

AGRO 620 Instrumentation in Agronomy (3)

C E 452 Geohydrology (3)

C E 482 Hydraulic Structures (3)

C E 483 Surface Water Hydrology (3)

C E 485 Design of Earth Dams (3)

C E 506 Advanced Soil Mechanics (3)

C E 525 Advanced Analysis of Engineering Systems (3)

C E 531 Open Channel Hydraulics (3)

C E 557 Water Resources Development (3)

C E 581 Ground Water Hydrology (3)

C E 582 Statistical Hydrology (3)

C E 681 Topics in Hydrodynamics I (3)

C E 682 Topics in Hydrodynamics II (3)

GEOG 467 Transportation Geography (3)

GEOG 552 Landscape Ecology (3)

GEOG 553 Applied Geomorphology (3)

GEOL 474 Groundwater Geology (3)

GEOL 515 Advanced Principles of Geochemical Equilibria (3)

GEOL 560 Geochemistry of Diagenetic and Hydrochemical Systems (3)

M E 530 Intermediate Fluid Mechanics (3)

M E 533 Computational and Theoretical Fluid Mechanics  (3)

M E 535 Turbulence and Chaos (3)

SOIL 456 Irrigation and Drainage (3)

SOIL 477 Environmental Soil Physics (3)

SOIL 477L Environmental Soil Physics Laboratory (1)

SOIL 479 Environmental Soil Chemistry (3)

SOIL 651 Advanced Soil Chemistry (3)

SOIL 652 Advanced Soil Physics (3)