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Water Science & Management Program and NM Water Resources Research Institute Retreat

The WSM Program and NM-WRRI held its annual retreat in Mescalero, NM in April 2016. The groups discussed organizational goals, assessment of research and programs and to build camaraderie.

Fall 2016 Meet & Greet Mixer

The Water Science & Management Program held its annual Fall "Meet & Greet Mixer" at the Stan Fulton Center's 3rd Floor Bistro. The mixer welcomed back students, staff, faculty and introduced new students to the program.

The NMSU Watershed Group and the Water Science & Management Graduate Student Organization

Members of the Watershed Management Group and the Water Science & Management Graduate Student Organization held one of its Fall semester meetings at Knox Hall in the College of ACES.

NMSU Water Science & Management Students

WSM students attended the annual graduation reception and program Spring meeting at the Corbett Center Student Union on April 28, 2016.


At the FFA BBQ Fest on 4/8/16, WSM students assisted with outreach and games for hundreds of prospective NMSU students. The event was sponsored by the College of Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences.

Stucky Hall - Home to the Water Science & Management Graduate Program

The WSM program is housed in Stucky Hall which is also home to the New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute (NM WRRI)

2015 NM Water Resources Research Institute Awards Water Research Grant

WSM PhD student Hugo Luis Rojas Villalobs (left) received the NM-WRRI Water Research Grant in September for his research in 3D Bathymetric Model of a Shallow Lagoon measured by a Solar Powered Low-cost Autonomous Surface Vehicle Prototype in Mexico

2015 Fall WSM "Meet & Greet Mixer"

The WSM Graduate Program held its annual Fall mixer for current/new students as well as WSM faculty and staff

2015 WaterSmart Innovations Conference in Las Vegas, NV

Water Science & Management PhD student Dina Salman (Iraq) presents her poster on her work dealing with food security in Afghanistan

2015 Agriculture Day at New Mexico State University

Agriculture Day sponsored by the NMDA and NMSU on Halloween. The WSM Graduate Student Organization represented their research, handed out candy and hung out with Pistol Pete.

Organ Mountains

The Organ Mountains lend their unique type of beauty to the Las Cruces area.

Here are the listings for all Water Affiliated Faculty and Water Researchers for the academic school year 2015-2016.  All "646" numbers contain the area code "575," unless otherwise noted.

Water Science & Management Affiliated Faculty

ANGADI, SANGU (angadis@nmsu.edu, 646-3405)                             LARA, ANTONIO (alara@nmsu.edu, 646-2918)
Dept. - Plant & Environmental Sciences                                             Dept. - Chemistry & Biochemistry
Field - Water Efficient Crops                                                              Field - Water quality & arsenic removal
Dept. - Ag Economics & Ag Business                                                 Dept. - Extension Plant Sciences
Field - Resource & Development Economics                                      Field - Irrigation water conservation; irrigation of
                                                                                                                    turfgrass with saline & potable water
BAWAZIR, A. SALIM (abawazir@nmsu.edu, 646-6044)                      LUO, HONGMEI (hluo@nmsu.edu, 646-4204)
Dept. - Civil & Geological Engineering                                               Dept. - Chemical Engineering
Field - Evapotranspiration; Irrigation & Drainage                               Field - Related water science research; Photocatalyst
                                                                                                                    for water splitting & removal of emerging
BLEIWEISS, MAX P. (maxb@nmsu.edu, 646-1367)                             MITCHELL, MARTHA C. (martmitc@nmsu.edu, 646-3422)
Dept. - Entomology, Plant Pathology & Weed Science                        Dept. - Chemical Engineering
Field - Remote Sensing                                                                     Field - Water Quality & Arsenic Removal
BOEING, WIEBKE (wboeing@nmsu.edu, 646-1707)                            O'NEILL, MICK (moneill@nmsu.edu, 505-960-7757)
Dept. - Fish, Wildlife & Conservation Ecology                                     Dept. -  Agricultural Science Center at Farmington
Field - Aquatic Ecology                                                                      Field - Crops, Ecology & Conservation Water
BOYKIN, KENNETH (kboykin@nmsu.edu, 646-6303)                          PAPELIS, LAMBIS (lpapelis@nmsu.edu, 646-3023)
Dept. - Fish, Wildlife & Conservation Ecology                                     Dept. - Civil Engineering
Field - Southwest riparian ecosystems, amphibians                            Field - Aquatic chemistry, surface chemistry of 
           and reptiles, and spatial ecology                                                        mineral surfaces, spectroscopic investigations
                                                                                                                    of complexes at the mineral/water interface
BREWER, CATHERINE (cbrewer@nmsu.edu, 646-8637)                      PEACH, JIM T. (jpeach@nmsu.edu, 646-3113)
Dept. - Chemical & Materials Engineering                                          Dept. - Economics, Applied Statistics & International Business
Field - Energy & Water, Biofuels & Biomass                                        Field - Economics, regional economic modeling & economic
                                                                                                                    policy, U.S./Mexico border research on demographic
                                                                                                                    changes, income distribution & policies
BROWN, CHRISTOPHER (brownchr@nmsu.edu, 646-1892)                PICCHIONI, GENO A. (gpicchio@nmsu.edu, 646-1820)
Dept. - Geography                                                                            Dept. - Plant & Environmental Sciences
Field - GIS Applications & Binational Water Research                         Field - Preharvest & postharvest factors affecting product
                                                                                                                    quality, minimizing environmental impact of
                                                                                                                    fertilization, water reutilization, salinity stress
BROWN, SUSAN W. (susanbro@nmsu.edu, 646-1397)                        PRATT, RICHARD C. (ricpratt@nmsu.edu, 646-2629)
Dept. - Education - STEM Outreach Center                                         Dept. - Plant & Environmental Sciences
Field - STEM Research & Partnerships (STEM RP)                                 Field - Maize & bean germplasm development, grain-quality
                                                                                                                     & host-resistance traits of maize, crop adaptation &
                                                                                                                     production, environmental services
CALDWELL, COLLEEN A. (ccaldwel@nmsu.edu, 646-8126)                RANGO, ALBERT (alrango@nmsu.edu, 646-2120)
Dept. - Fish, Wildlife & Conservation Ecology                                     Dept. - USDA-ARS Jornada Experimental Range
Field - Fish conservation, aquatic ecology, fish physiology                 Field - Global change effects on snowmelt water supply in
           & aquatic contaminants & toxicology                                                  the Western U.S., remote sensing detection of
                                                                                                                     vegetation change, rangeland remediation treatments
CARROLL, KENNETH "KC" (kccarr@nmsu.edu, 646-5929)                  ROCKSTRAW, DAVID A. (drockstr@nmsu.edu, 646-7705)
Dept. - Plant & Environmental Sciences                                              Dept. - Chemical & Materials Engineering
Field - Hydrology, hydrogeology, water resources,                             Field - Water treatment technology
            environmental science, soil science, geochemistry
            & environmental engineering
COWLEY, DAVID E. (dcowley@nmsu.edu, 646-1346)                          ROSENCRANS, CARLOS (crosencr@nmsu.edu, 646-4511)
Dept. - Fish, Wildlife & Conservation Ecology                                      Dept. - Agricultural & Extension Education (AXED)
Field - Aquatic Ecology                                                                       Field - Water, Windmills & Agricultural Mechanics
CRAM, DOUG (dcram@nmsu.edu, 646-8130                                      SALLENAVE, ROSSANA (rsallena@nmsu.edu, 646-6093)
Dept. - Extension Animal Sciences & Natural Resources                      Dept. - Extension Animal Sciences & Natural Resources
Field - Forestry, fire ecology, fire behavior, youth programs               Field - Aquatic Ecolog
DEMERS, MICHAEL N. (mdemers@nmsu.edu, 575-496-5231             SAMANI, ZOHRAB A. (zsamani@nmsu.edu, 646-2904)
Dept. - Geography                                                                              Dept. - Civil Engineering
Field - GIS applications, crime mapping, GIS education &                    Field - Remote sensing, water resource development,
           curricula, GIS design, arid landscape analysis                                      groundwater hydrology & modeling, porous
           zoogeography (especially ants)                                                            media flow & solute transport modeling, 
                                                                                                                      irrigation water management, open channel
                                                                                                                      hydraulics, international technology transfer,
                                                                                                                      design of wells/pumps, reuse of wastewater
DOWNES, CARA MEGHAN (cdownes@nmsu.edu, 646-6021)              SHUKLA, MANOJ K. (shuklamk@nmsu.edu, 646-2324)
Dept. - Economics, Applied Statistics & International Business           Dept. - Plant & Environmental Science
Field - Economics, Sustainability                                                        Field - Water & solute transport in soil, irrigation
                                                                                                                     management using non-traditional waters
DUBOIS, DAVID W. (dwdubois@nmsu.edu, 646-2974)                       SIMS, GERALD "JERRY" (gksims@nmsu.edu, 646-3225)
Dept. - Plant & Environmental Sciences                                              Dept. - Entomology, Plant Pathology & Weed Science
Field - New Mexico State Climatologist                                              Field - Environmental Microbiology
DUGAS, DANIEL P. (ddugas@nmsu.edu, 646-1045)                           SMIRNOV, SERGEI (snsm@nmsu.edu, 646-1547)
Dept. - Geography                                                                             Dept. - Chemistry & Biochemistry
Field - Geomorphic aspects of landscape ecology, remote                  Field - Nanofluidics, nanoporous membranes,
            sensing & geographic information system study of                             biosensors, drug delivery, photoinduced
            semi-arid grassland desertification processes                                    charge transfer, scanning probe microscopy
ELAKSHER, AHMED (elaksher@nmsu.edu, 646-6107)                        SMITH, GEOFFREY B. (gsmith@nmsu.edu, 646-6080)
Dept. - Engineering Technology & Surveying Engineering                  Dept. - Biology
Field - Water Surveying & Hydrology                                                  Field - Environmental Microbiology
Dept. - Animal & Range Sciences                                                       Dept. - Mathematical Sciences
Field - Water Quality Hydrography                                                     Field - Stochastic transport of chemicals & biological
                                                                                                                    mechanisms in porous media, heat kernal
                                                                                                                    estimates & conditioned brownian motion
GHASSEMI, ABBAS (aghassem@nmsu.edu, 646-2357)                        STEELE, CAITI M. (caiti@nmsu.e.du, 646-4144)
Dept. - The Institute for Energy & the Environment                            Dept. -USDA-ARS-Jornada Experimental Range
Field - Risk-based decision making, renewable energy &                   Field - Remote sensing & geographical information
           water carbon management & sequestration, energy                           science for natural resource management, 
           efficiency & pollution prevention, multiphase flow                             applied uses of spatial data for water
           & process control                                                                               resources & rangeland management
GOSS, RYAN M. (ryangoss@nmsu.edu, 646-3297)                              STEVENS, KENNY (kstevens@nmsu.edu, 646-2491)
Dept. - Plant & Environmental Sciences                                               Dept. - Engineering Technology
Field - Irrigation of urban landscapes & turfgrass management          Field - Solar water distillation, groundwater hydrology
                                                                                                                     and renewable energy
GOULD, WILLIAM R. (wgould@nmsu.edu, 646-3986)                          STRINGAM, BLAIR L. (blairs@nmsu.edu, 646-7665)
Dept. - College of Business, Dean's Office                                           Dept. - Plant & Environmental Sciences
Field - Sampling & estimation of fisheries & wildlife                            Field - Irrigation engineering, water management &
           populations, ecological & biological modeling                                     precision agriculture