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Water Science & Management Program and NM Water Resources Research Institute Retreat

The WSM Program and NM-WRRI held its annual retreat in Mescalero, NM in April 2016. The groups discussed organizational goals, assessment of research and programs and to build camaraderie.

Fall 2016 Meet & Greet Mixer

The Water Science & Management Program held its annual Fall "Meet & Greet Mixer" at the Stan Fulton Center's 3rd Floor Bistro. The mixer welcomed back students, staff, faculty and introduced new students to the program.

The NMSU Watershed Group and the Water Science & Management Graduate Student Organization

Members of the Watershed Management Group and the Water Science & Management Graduate Student Organization held one of its Fall semester meetings at Knox Hall in the College of ACES.

NMSU Water Science & Management Students

WSM students attended the annual graduation reception and program Spring meeting at the Corbett Center Student Union on April 28, 2016.


At the FFA BBQ Fest on 4/8/16, WSM students assisted with outreach and games for hundreds of prospective NMSU students. The event was sponsored by the College of Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences.

Stucky Hall - Home to the Water Science & Management Graduate Program

The WSM program is housed in Stucky Hall which is also home to the New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute (NM WRRI)

2015 NM Water Resources Research Institute Awards Water Research Grant

WSM PhD student Hugo Luis Rojas Villalobs (left) received the NM-WRRI Water Research Grant in September for his research in 3D Bathymetric Model of a Shallow Lagoon measured by a Solar Powered Low-cost Autonomous Surface Vehicle Prototype in Mexico

2015 Fall WSM "Meet & Greet Mixer"

The WSM Graduate Program held its annual Fall mixer for current/new students as well as WSM faculty and staff

2015 WaterSmart Innovations Conference in Las Vegas, NV

Water Science & Management PhD student Dina Salman (Iraq) presents her poster on her work dealing with food security in Afghanistan

2015 Agriculture Day at New Mexico State University

Agriculture Day sponsored by the NMDA and NMSU on Halloween. The WSM Graduate Student Organization represented their research, handed out candy and hung out with Pistol Pete.

Organ Mountains

The Organ Mountains lend their unique type of beauty to the Las Cruces area.

Water Science & Management Graduate Student Organization


Mission Statement

The mission of the Water Science and Management Graduate Student Organization (WSM-GSO) is to provide students with resources to further their studies and careers while providing services and education to the community.

  • To create fellowship among Water Science & Management students and provide them with valuable resources and information related to the program and field of water resources.
  • To provide professional development activities to further Water Science & Management students’ career goals.
  • To provide public service and education to the community.
WSM-GSO meets 3-4 times a semester and participates in a variety of events, meetings and activities:
  • FALL 2016 Student Meetings - Last Wednesday of each month, 10:30 a.m. in the NM-WRRI Conference Room in Stuck Hall
  1. ​September 28
  2. October 26
  3. November 30 - GUEST SPEAKER - DR. JOHN W. HAWLEY "Groundwater Resource Development and Sustainability in The Binational Mesilla Basin Region - A Hydrogeologic Perspective."
  • WSM's annual "Meet & Greet Mixer"
  • Agriculture Day at NMSU
  • Earth Day at NMSU
  • WSM's annual "Graduation Ceremony & Reception"
  • Community Service, Recruitment and Outreach
  • Regional Conferences
  • National Conferences
If you are interested in learning more about WSM-GSO or would like to become part of an elite and enthusiastic group, please email Jesslyn Ratliff at jesslynr@nmsu.edu and she will put you in contact with a GSO leader.

WSM-GSO Member Leaders

President, Michael Hatch

Vice President, Carlos Silva

Secretary, AracelyTellez

Treasurer, Befekadu Habteyes


Faculty Advisors

Dr. Kenneth "KC" Carroll, kccarr@nmsu.edu

Dr. Christopher Brown, brownchr@nmsu.edu